Crystal Plowinske

Kristen was my midwife for my 2nd baby born at home. My first homebirth had a few complications so Kristen worked closely with me making sure I knew all of the possible rists and protective measures that were unique to my care. Kristen operated on informed consent 100% and I had a most wonderful experience.

Krystal Brayton

Kristen is amazing! She is an incredible listener, an amazing educator (so we could make our own decisions), and a very talented midwife. I have never felt more heard and seen by a health-care practitioner. She delivered our twins and handled everything that came with calm, grace, and great skill. She took such great care of us from day one all the way through pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care. Words just can’t describe how grateful we are to have found Kristen and had her to deliver our last two children.

Grace Hines

Kristen is an incredibly skilled midwife. I highly recommend her services. She will calmly get you through pregnancy, labor and delivery. She is skillful, compassionate, and kind. I cannot recommend her enough for your pregnancy and delivery.

Katie McArdle

We decided that we wanted to have a home birth for our first birth. Kristen was absolutely incredible every step of the way. She is highly skilled and operates with an amazing amount of empathy and compassion. Her calm and positive demeanor throught the entire process was refreshing and reassuring. We are beyond thankful to Kristen and her team for our miraculous and beautiful birth experience.

Robert Palulis

When we first found out we were having our 1st baby; my wife said she wanted to have a home birth- I thought she was crazy. I tried to convince her out of it and tried selling her on how far away we are from the nearest hospital if anything was to go wrong. I would tell her it would be much safer to have the baby in a hospital.

To fast forward- I eventually gave in and agreed that we would go this route. I would go to every mid wife visit with her and each visit Kristen made me feel more confident in our decision and would answer all my questions. Finally on birthing day I was so blown away on how amazing these mid wives are and how well they took care of my wife and new born baby.

We are now expecting our 3rd child and are so happy to be working with Kristen and her team again to guide us through another birth. I highly recommend home birth, and highly recommend Southern Adirondack Mid Wifery.

Thank you, Kristen and team, for all that you do!

Nicole Vincent-Roller

I’ve had two home births with Kristen and one with Heidi and couldn’t recommend them more highly. Their patient-centric approach is the real thing: they put you, your baby, and your needs first. They helped me through one complicated delivery and two that were straightforward and performed with the utmost respect and professional excellence throughout and afterward. You won’t find better care for you and your family anywhere.